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About The Missouri
Most Wanted Web Site

Missouri Most Wanted features dangerous fugitives from across the state who threaten public safety through past or current sexual offenses, violent acts, and the commission of dangerous felonies.  These cases are shared by law enforcement across Missouri to enlist the public’s help in finding these criminals. 

This site acts like a “community watch” program, allowing residents and businesses to locate most wanted fugitives threatening our state and communities.  This public safety partnership allows the community to be the additional eyes and ears to law enforcement in order to prevent these fugitives from further victimizing area residents.

Many times, fugitives who are on the run will not stay in one place long - and leave few if any leads to find them.  Without money, wanted persons can resort to crime to support themselves, and can continue to cause problems while they are at large.  In some cases, fugitives have assumed a brand new lifestyle, but still have not answered for their crimes.  In any case, your information can help find dangerous wanted persons more quickly.

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This website is created for the purpose of enlisting help from the public to locate wanted criminals.  This site is uniquely designed to enable local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies to work closer with each other, as well as the public, to bring wanted criminals to justice.