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Q: How does this program work?

Law enforcement agencies at all levels across Missouri share information on wanted people from their area using this website. Their risk to public safety can be based on their current charge or past history. It is our goal to receive information from citizens who have seen them in their day-to-day activities or know a wanted person’s whereabouts. This information is sent directly to the investigator for action. Many times, a public tip has led directly to a fugitive’s arrest, even after investigators have run out of leads.

This is an official government website created in partnership with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Q: What should I report?

Anything to help us find a wanted person who is featured on this site, or any other wanted person you know about. Report as much as you know, even if you think it is not important. The most helpful information includes: current residence or known location (such as a house, apartment, etc)., phone numbers, employer, vehicles, habits or routines, and known social network profiles or email addresses.

Q: Why should I report it?

You can make a difference in your community, and to those victimized by these dangerous felons.  Every day these fugitives are on the loose, they run the risk of harming more people.  Their victims are waiting on justice to be served.  You may very well hold the missing piece to finally putting a dangerous criminal behind bars.

Q: Do I have to give my name?

Absolutely not! You may call 866-362-6422 at any time to give fugitive information. If you are willing, please provide at least a phone number or email address so we can contact you with further questions. There are many cases where a tip is not acted upon without further answers.

Your information is closely handled and remains confidential. You may always reference your submission number and visit the “Tip Status” link to find out what happened with your information.

Q: Are wanted criminals from my area on this site?

It depends. Cases are shared by participating police agencies. This website is open to every law enforcement agency in Missouri for use in finding the most violent and dangerous fugitives out there. We encourage you to continually visit the website for the newest posted offenders.

Q: Are there rewards?

That also depends. The individual agency with the warrant may offer a reward depending on the case. Missouri Most Wanted does not offer rewards. The best thing to do is to submit the tip, and if there is a reward the investigator can contact you to collect in the case of an arrest.

Q: How can I find out what was done with my information?

If you submit your tip online, you will be issued a unique “Tracking Number.”  Keep this number, and you can check what was done with your information by clicking “Tip Status”  There, you will see when your information was shared with area law enforcement, and view any messages from the investigator to you - allowing a completely secure way to talk even if you choose to stay anonymous.

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