Wanted by MO Probation and Parole As a Absconder For Furnishing Porno Material or Attempt to Furnish to Minor 2nd Offense - Theft/Stealing

William Andrew John Johnson
, - Incident # 20200107

 Race:    White
 Gender:    Male
 Height:    5'8"
 Weight:    179
 Hair:    Brown
 Eyes:    Blue
 Age:    42
Glasses - ; SC Abdom - Surgical Large; SC L Leg - Surgical Large; TAT Abdom - Feather W/"Heathen Hertiage"; TAT Abdom - Religious Eye Of Odin W/Barbed Wire; TAT Abdom - Viking, Thor Lightening; TAT Back - Cross, Faith, Skull Crossbones; TAT Head - Back Clown; TAT L Calf - Worried Angel W/"Momma Dearest"; TAT L FGR - Hate; TAT L HND - Eyeball, No Fear; TAT L WRS - Criptonite Crytals + MORE ON FILE


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