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Downum, Raymond L
Wanted by MO Probation & Parole as a Absconder for Dist Del Manuf Contr Sub - Endangered Welfare of Child - 1st Deg
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Race: White
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 222
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 50
Other: TAT Abdom - Claw; TAT Abdom - Jolly Rodger Skulls & Swords; TAT Abdom - RIP, Tribal; TAT Abdom - Shark, Pirate Wench Flag,; TAT Ankl - Shacle; TAT Back - Heart, "Dena"; TAT Chest - Flaming Skull; TAT Chest - Skull W/Bandana, 2 Ribbons, City Scpae; TAT L Arm - Flames, Face, Skulls, Vampire Face; TAT L Calf - Dragon; TAT L Calf - Wing, Dragon; TAT L HND - "Love" Across Knuckles + MORE ON FILE