Wanted by MO Probation & Parole as an Absconder - Possession of a Firearm

Little, Angelo
, Missouri - Incident # 20164359

 Race:    Black
 Gender:    Male
 Height:    5'7"
 Weight:    143
 Hair:    Black
 Eyes:    Brown
 Age:    41
Gold Tooth - 4 Solid; Prcd Ears - Left; SC L Thgh - 1" Outer; TAT Chest - "Blackout"in Ribbon W/Pitchfork; TAT Chest - Angliah, Margaret, Lashell, Rose; TAT Chest - Jesus, Microphone, Speakers, Child Faces; TAT Face - (Eyebrow) "See No Evil"; TAT Face - (R) "Hear All Evil"; TAT Face - Pitchfork (R-Side Under Eye); TAT Head - "Self Made Gangster"; TAT L Shld - Angel; TAT L WRS - LIH + MORE ON FILE

Possession of a Firearm

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