Wanted by MO Probation & Parole as an Absconder - Burglary 2nd Degree

Wilson, Johnny
, Missouri - Incident # 20174010

 Race:    Black
 Gender:    Male
 Height:    6'2"
 Weight:    164
 Hair:    Grey
 Eyes:    Brown
 Age:    68
SC Abdom - X7, 14" Scar Middle Of Stomach; SC Back - Buckshot Scars; SC Chest - X2, Large Scar Upper Chest Area; SC R Calf - ; SC RF Arm - ; TAT Chest - Tiger Sun,; TAT L HND - 4 Life; TAT LF Arm - Dragon; TAT R HND - Hustler; TAT RF Arm - Heart/Knife(covered), Stlw/Arch, RIP Potsy; TAT UL Arm - Ice, RIP LIL Bruce; TAT UR Arm - Man, DOG

Burglary 2nd Degree

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