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Holmes, Jon
Wanted by MO Probation & Parole as an Absconder - Resisting Arrest, Burglary 1st deg, Assault 2nd deg
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Race: Black
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 169
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 36
Other: Prcd Ears - ; SC R Wrist - ; TAT L WRS - 2 Stars; "1 Luv";; TAT LF Arm - Scorpion;; TAT R WRS - "Suella G";; TAT RF Arm - Cross; "Patsy"; "JJ";; TAT UL Arm - "Jayveion";; TAT UL Arm - Cartoon Character Holding Money; TAT UR Arm - "A'Jonai";; TAT UR Arm - Praying Hands
Resisting arrest-risk death/injury; Left scene of accident; Burglary 1st deg; Assault 2nd deg (2 counts); Possession of a controlled substance - felony (3 counts)